Yoga Classes Colorado Springs

Yoga Classes hosted at the Red Rocks Barn

The Red Rocks Barn is looking for an experienced yoga instructor who can communicate clearly and effectively, both in terms of giving instructions and explaining the purpose and benefits of different poses and practices. They should be able to tailor their instruction to the needs and abilities of each student, and be able to offer modifications or adjustments as needed.

We are looking for someone with a welcoming and compassionate demeanor, creating a safe and fun environment for all students. They should be able to cultivate a sense of calm and relaxation in their classes, while also challenging their students to push themselves to their limits. We are looking for someone reliable and professional, showing up on time and maintaining a consistent schedule. They should also continue to develop their own practice and education, staying up to date on new developments and trends in the world of yoga.

The Red Rocks Barn features original hardwood floors that are exceptional for practicing yoga. The studio makes this the best space to practice yoga in all of Colorado Springs. Interested in learning more about taking or teaching a yoga class? contact us for more information.

Time & Location of Upcoming Yoga Classes:


Class Location:

Red Rocks Barn 2700 Robinson St, Colorado Springs, CO 80904

Upcoming Yoga Special Events:


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Where Can I find a Yoga classes near me?

The Red Rocks Barn Yoga Studio is located at 2700 Robinson St right in between Manitou Springs, and Colorado Springs. Just 15 minutes south of Woodland Park, 30 minutes south of Castle Rock, 45 minutes North of Pueblo and one hour south of Denver.

How Much do Yoga Classes Costs?

We are currently looking for a new yoga instructor to either work along side of us, or for us with flexible terms and conditions.

How big is Your Yoga Studio?

We have one large open space, featuring original hardwood flooring, that measures 4000 sq ft to host small or large yoga classes and events

How many people can you host in your yoga studio?

We can accommodate up to 150 people in each yoga class. There is plenty of space to move around your mat and to social distance.

Is there a Yoga Class Near Me?

Modern Yoga Colorado and Red Rocks Barn have partnered up at 2700 Robinson St, Colorado Springs, Colorado, making this the best yoga studio in Colorado Springs.

Are there Free Yoga Classes Near Me?

We do not typically offer free yoga classes, but do host donation based special events. The next special event is Thanksgiving Day 2023.

Are there Beginner Yoga Classes Near Me?

Brookes style of teaching allows all users, from beginners to experts, to participate and appreciate her class. Beginners are especially welcome!

What do I have to do to take a Beginner Yoga Class?

All you have to do is show up for a regular class and follow along the best you can! We want beginners to feel comfortable learning, adapting, and growing together in class.


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